Rural Electrical Services

Rural Electrical Services

New dairy
When installing new equipment in the dairy shed, call on the experts to ensure you have systems which are safe for your cattle and the people working with them. Faulty installation and bonding in the dairy shed can result in stray voltage, which can cause micro shock. Cows experiencing micro shock are known to recoil or become injured when going into or out of the shed. Micro shock can cause milk production to drop by up to 30%.
When working on your new dairy installation, we plan with you to achieve the outcome you have in mind. We quote a fair price for the job – one that allows us to deliver quality without compromising safety, and we commission and test the installation. We are committed to keeping the work space tidy and organised, ensuring your animals are not endangered, and working to agreed time frames (as far as weather and other circumstances beyond our control permit).

Rural Electrical Services

Retrofit dairy
Upgrading the dairy shed electrics can contribute to safer operations as well as energy and cost savings. Best Electrical electricians do all they can to keep the shed running, if that is a requirement, using the current set up until the retrofit is ready to go.

Automated backing gates
We install robust and reliable backing gate automation systems, which contribute to ease of milking by controlling the flow of cows and reduce your physical workload. In addition, collecting yards can be cleaned up with the push of a button from the parlour pit. To make milking easier, discuss the options with Best Electrical.

Effluent, water and bore pumps
Best Electrical staff are experienced in the electrical aspects of installing, repairing and maintaining effluent pumps, water pumps and bore pumps. We don’t want to see you without water and are available 24/7, 364 days per year, to look after the electrical side of keeping the pump doing its job.


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