Commercial Electricians

New installations
Whatever the premises – restaurants, warehouses, shops, factories, workshops, or offices – we can provide professional advice based on years of experience. Whether you want to carry out complex machinery installation or to have lighting that is spot on for its purpose, we will listen to what you hope to achieve and present you with cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions.

Prevention of electrical failures is one of your business’s best investments. Electrical failures cost you production time. They mean lost profit.
The worst that you can do is to endanger employees through failure to attend to ongoing maintenance. Take care of your staff. You have invested in them.
From your point of view as the business owner, you don’t want to be apologising to a staff member’s family for the death or injury of your staff member and the inevitable legal action that follows workplace death or injury is costly and stressful.

Sign up for Best Electrical’s regular maintenance reminders. At any time, and if in doubt, contact us immediately you spot anything untoward that needs urgent attention. A visit from the Best Electrical team can save you from expensive breakdowns and accidents.

Breakdown maintenance
The Best Electrical team are experienced problem solvers. Call on us for help when electrical systems break down. We are available 364 days per year with 24/7 callout.

Why struggle with the frustration of power points in the wrong place, not enough power points, hazardous extension leads and lamps that cast shadows instead of clear light? When you want to shift around your existing electrical set-up, the Best Electrical team work with you to achieve the outcome you have in mind. We focus on minimum disruption to the workplace, safe practices and solutions that work well for the plant, restaurant, shop or factory.

Talk with us about our flexible timing arrangements. As far as possible, we adapt to keep you operating.

Installing and maintaining electrical switchboards is a job for trained professionals. There is significant risk of fire when electrical connections are not correctly terminated and conductors have not been correctly clamped. We recommend that you make regular visual checks on your switchboard. Even properly installed connections can work loose over time. If there are any signs of heat discolouration, if your appliances are not functioning properly, if lights are flickering, or if you have noticed electrical smells or crackling sounds, turn off the main switch and call us immediately.
Increasingly manufacturing and processing is dependent on automation and control. To keep production running, reliability is paramount. For maximum efficiency, call on Best Electrical for the installation and regular checking and maintenance of your electricity-dependent control system.
Best Electrical works alongside Hamilton signage companies to ensure your lighting gives you the effect you want from your billboard, shop frontage and display units. We can advise on the most effective lighting for your signage – fluorescent, neon, LED or flood lighting.


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